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"PLASMA is one of the largest groups of Lighting and Sign Maintenance Companies throughout the United States and Canada.  PLASMA supports each member company as they grow and stay current with the ever changing lighting industry.  Members of PLASMA strive to provide the highest quality services to local, regional and national customers.  PLASMA provides unmatched performance with a Nationwide Reach, Hometown Touch.
-Joe Marek, PLASMA President

Professional Lighting and Sign Management Companies of America or PLASMA LIGHTING NETWORK is a national alliance of independently owned service providers offering regional and national clients the highest level of service, workmanship and expertise for all of their lighting and signage needs, anytime, anywhere.

Our companies hit the ground running "ASAP" with the full resources to address whatever problems occur no matter where.

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PLASMA Call Center

PLASMA Call Center
Lights burnt out? 
Looking for commercial lighting or sign service? 
The PLASMA Call Center is your one-stop shop to reach the best lighting contractors in the business right in your area.
Nationwide reach, home town touch.

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