Why customers use PLASMA: We save you time & money

PLASMA is comprised of the industries best lighting management professionals.  Only the top companies in each market makes our membership.  Our Code of Conduct holds our member companies to the highest standard.  This established a higher and more reliable level of regional and national interior/exterior lighting and sign services.

In these times of tight budgets and limited resources, PLASMA is increasingly called upon to provide turnkey solutions, delivering advanced technologies and "Best of Class" practices. Our long-standing reputable, innovative companies lead our clients to higher ground.  We do the job right the first time. We cover your markets with independents who put their reputation on the line to ensure your job is done right. 

Higher Achievement

In the highly competitive world of lighting management services, PLASMA is a respected leader and trusted advisor to many national companies

As in all service businesses, PLASMA derives its strength from the quality of its members. Our associates are a carefully selected and closely knit team of independent "industry respected" professionals dedicated to helping each client achieve better lighting on a regional or national level through our nationwide network.

Cornerstones of the services we provide:

  • Design custom service programs to facilitate individual client needs
  • Fast – Sure handling of emergencies
  • Optimize lighting levels from existing lighting systems through professional group relamping services
  • Creative energy conservation solutions
  • Exterior security lighting, design, installations, and maintenance
  • Sign services, including fluorescent, neon, and LED sources

PLASMA has been called the magic wand of the lighting and sign industry because we have the depth, service people and equipment to handle all your lighting and sign needs.  No second guessing, no wasted time.

Our Services

  • Energy Cost Analysis
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Rebates and Tax Credits
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Federal Standards Compliance
  • Electrical Services
  • Night Watch for Exterior Lighting
  • Consulting
  • Wash and Relamp Services
  • Light Level Evaluation
  • Bank Lighting Services

Leading by Example

As one of our current or prospective customers we aim to give you the absolute highest return in the industry.  To do this, we need to know what you want from us.  We want to know the challenges, problems and issues with your lighting and sign technologies and service providers.  Armed with this information we will create solutions and deliver these in the most efficient manner possible - through the ready-made PLASMA network of companies.  Please join our groups and tell us your thoughts so we can best serve you.  

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