Why Lighting and Sign companies join PLASMA: We increase your business

In the highly competitive world of lighting management services, PLASMA and its companies are respected leaders and trusted advisors to many national and regional companies.   The member companies that are PLASMA are the elite companies in their regions, have track records for success, customer testimonials and do the job right because their reputation is rolled up in the work.

As in all service businesses, PLASMA derives its strength from the quality of its members. Our associates are a carefully selected and closely knit team of independent "industry respected" professionals dedicated to helping each client achieve better lighting on a regional or national level through our nationwide network.

Why companies choose to participate and contribute to the growth of PLASMA:

  • Expand your company and coverage
  • Grow markets
  • Combined buying power
  • Associate with industry leaders
  • Seemless revenues opportunities
  • Establish balance in your business between local and national work
  • Incorporate best practices
  • Adopt standard operating procedures that help you scale your business
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Access to limitless resources

Our Code of Conduct

We are PLASMA, the Professional Lighting and Sign Management Companies of America.  These are the key values we bring to our member companies.

Member Company Growth
We seek to grow and improve our member companies

Every Company is Equal
All companies are completely equal with an equal vote, equal voice, and all companies abide by the rules equally. 

Inter-Company Sales
We focus on transacting commerce between member companies by driving sales in lighting, sign, electrical services and projects.

Lead Generation
We share leads to help our member companies succeed.

Service Delivery Mechanism
We are an efficient, ready-made national network of lighting, sign, and electrical service companies.

Best Practices
We identify and share industry best practices with member companies. 

Industry Intelligence
We pool our combined industry intelligence to improve our member and customer experience.

Member Showcase
We showcase our members to increase awareness through our association and industry.

We are a national association of the high quality, independent, lighting, sign and electrical companies. 

Leading by Example

We believe the way to advance our industry is by understanding the challenges faced by our customers.  We believe we can build solutions to overcome those challenges.  We believe our companies are the best in class and we are determined to lead by example.  Join our Google Group and join in the discussions.  We want to hear about your problems and the unique ideas that come from the best companies in the lighting and sign industry. If you'd like to take engage and growyour business, please contact PLASMA at to join us. 

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